the kind we don’t usually have, with people who have become “the other” in our imaginations—
people we’ve written off because they’re not like us. these conversations unleash the possibility that we can do great things together, not because we exchange platitudes or water down real disagreements, but because we actually find each other’s humanity—which may be the place from which all solutions come.

simon greer has worked in progressive social change for decades,
having been intimately involved in some of our country’s most divisive political movements and moments. simon joined us at tnp8 and has been a trusted member of our ensemble cast ever since.

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for the common good

ten years after an incendiary public battle, Simon Greer and Glenn Beck, two men with vastly different views, sit down for a courageous conversation in search of a deeper purpose.

us vs. them

join four couples with deep-rooted beliefs and traditions as they come together and attempt to find a way to love, honor and respect one another.

bridging the gap

seventeen students from two vastly different college campuses, each known for their passionate point of view, spent 16 days living and working together, crossing lines of difference and teaching us what’s possible in America.


Join Simon as he walks you through the
4 building blocks of listening

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available with courageous conversations

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