an invitation to collaborate

working with us demonstrates your
commitment to inspiring, educating and advancing
the mental and spiritual health of communities
you care about most.

tnp partners not only help further our mission-
they inspire us and the stories we tell that lead to
deeper connections and understanding.

our approach to partnership

we help companies in ways that
are meaningful and make a difference.
a relationship with us can take
many forms, and has the power to open
minds and change the perspectives
of influential people.


take a look
at some of the work we do with our partners

tnp labs is a small but-mighty team of producers, filmmakers, designers, and directors

who believe that well-communicated ideas can be powerful tools for change. our films change people’s minds by aiming straight for the heart. we're proud that our work has been recognized with 16 Emmy® Awards (and more than 50 nominations), an Independent Spirit Award, a Webby Award nomination, and honors at both Sundance and Cannes Film Festivals.

how will we

how is technology transforming
the way we live? in partnership with Intel’s
Smart Cities team, tnp sent a crew to Tokyo to explore the city of the future.

transparency / the truth about mica

Beautycounter is committed
to going "beyond clean" to become
the first beauty brand with a
fully traceable mica supply chain.

beneath the surface

human connection can provide healing
power. this film documents people with
multiple sclerosis, showing us how a group
of strangers who met online end
up becoming “the best medicine” IRL.