a few years ago,
inspired by
the magic of our nantucket project,

attendees asked for a way to share the experience. we created a kind of “episode,”
(90 minutes of tnp on film), and shared it with a
small group of people in a living room. the response was amazing.


watch reel

...now in
29 states and

we tried it in other living rooms, same response. we called it the neighborhood project, and watched it grow. small groups started popping up across the country (now in 29 states and counting).

now it’s called
my neighborhood
(feels more personal, right?), and you can be part of it. start your own group with a subscription to the neighborhood project.



here comes the neighborhood

invite a few people you know to get together online, watch a series of short, original films, and talk about it. we already have 2 seasons (8 episodes) of films to get you going.

season 1 trailers


a touching love story and
overwhelming act of selflessness lead
billionaire investor Gordon Gund
to his ultimate mission: a cure for the
disease that left him sightless.

east of eden

after serving 20 years in prison
for murder, Chris Schuhmacher must
atone for his mistakes and
accept responsibility for his actions.

my neighborhood

New York Times bestselling author Kelly Corrigan opens each my
neighborhood with a reflective prologue.

art of the neighborhood

name your project.
let us know when you’ve completed season 1 and we’ll create a custom design for your group like the ones below.