we were born
to gather.
it's in our nature.

while the world around us changes and evolves, the need to connect with others endures. the neighborhood is our very own, private video chat platform, a digital community as it was meant to be; human connection through stories and conversations, with a diverse mix of perspectives chosen by you, not an algorithm. shared experiences, not shared data. built on our ethos of love, humility, truth, story…

because stories and conversation change everything.

in the neighborhood
we gather in many ways

a tnp neighborhood

small groups

a decade’s worth of experience tells us that 8 to 12 people is the optimal size for meaningful conversations, to go deeper, quicker, as we like to say.

join an open group—a calendar of open groups will be posted on your dash weekly —or start your own, watch a film together and we promise you the best conversation you’ve had in a long time. maybe ever.
large neighborhood groups

occasionally we will invite you to larger gatherings hosted by us in the neighborhood. 

curiosity and love
april 22, 2021, 7 pm est

occasionally we will invite you to larger gatherings hosted by us in the neighborhood.

one on one neighborhoods

while our secret sauce is the blend of story and conversation, you can log in and have a video conversation with anyone, anytime. as a member of the neighborhood, there is no need for another video chat platform. this is your home.

jenelle in a one on one neighborhood
one on one neighborhood